103-01-2020Online Admission for M.A Semerster-II
203-01-2020Online Admission for M.A Semerster-IV
330-12-2019Assignment for Bengali and English of M.A Semester-I
423-12-2019Admission in B.A. 2nd Year & 3rd Year (Honours & General) after PPR/PPS
523-12-2019Collection of Admit Cards for M.A 3rd Semester Examination-2018, under DDE,RBU
611-12-2019Admission Notice for B.A. 2nd & 4th Semester from 18/12/2019 to 24/12/2019.
704-12-2019M.A. 3rd Sem. (Admission Session 2017-2018) form filling commencing on & from 07/12/19 to 13/12/19
804-12-2019Extended of Review date up to 15/12/2019 for the student of admission session before 2017-18 in M.A
927-11-2019PCP Classes routine for M.A.Part-I, RBU,DDE under Munshi Premchand Mahavidyalaya Study Centre
1026-11-2019Submission of an Internal Assignment (IA) for paperX[Dissertation]to the study centr within 14/12/19
1126-11-2019Schedule for distribution of books under DDE,RBU M.A Part-I,Academic Session-2019-2020.
1225-11-2019PCP classes for M.A. Part-I Bengali & English(Academic Session-2019-20) will commence from 01/12/19.
1316-11-2019Form fillup date extension upto 21st November for 1st and 3rd semester
1401-01-2000Internal Assesment Examination, 2019 under CBCS
1507-11-2019Extention of Examination form fillup of 1st and 3rd semester 2019
1626-10-2018fline admission to M.A Part-Ii prior to accademic session 2017-2018 will remain open from 15/11/19
1724-10-2019First semester registration no and other details for the session 2019-2020
1830-09-2019M.A.Part-Ii under DDE,RBU offline amission notice.
1927-09-2019General guidelines for preparation of dissertation report of ENVS for M.A.Part-II students under RBU
2027-09-2019Cover page for Assignment
2127-09-2019M.A.Part-II Assignment question paper for History,Pol.Science,ENVS,Education & Sanskrit.
2227-09-2019M.A.Part-II Assignment question paper for History,Pol.Science,ENVS,Education & Sanskrit.
2327-09-2019M.A.Part-II Assignment question paper for History,Pol.Science,ENVS,Education & Sanskrit.
2427-09-2019M.A.Part-II Assignment question paper for History,Pol.Science,ENVS,Education & Sanskrit.
2527-09-2019M.A.Part-II Assignment question paper for History,Pol.Science,ENVS,Education & Sanskrit.
2625-09-2019 Notice for collect & submit assignment for M.A Part-I (2nd Sem)& M.A.Part-II (3rd Sem& Annual Mode)
2725-09-2019Notice for allotment of projects for M.A Part-II 2018-19 Environmental Studies students .
2821-09-2019Assignment for M.A in English under DDE, RBU for 2nd Semester and 3rd Semester
2921-09-2019Assignment for Bengali (M.A.) under DDE, RBU for 2nd Semester and 3rd Semester
3021-09-2019Renewal form submission (Offline Mode) for M.A Part-II Exam-2019,(AS-17-18) extended upto 30/09/2019
3113-09-2019Ongoing online Admission under DDE,RBU for Academic Ses. 2019-2020 has been extended upto 30/09/2019
3203-09-2019M.A. Part- II (RBU Distance Education) PCP Classes will be commence from 07/09/2019.
3416-08-2019Submission of Renewal Form for M.A Part-II Exam-2019(Off line mode only)
3516-08-2019Re-opened online admission of M.A.Semester-III under DDE,RBU.
3606-08-2019Re open of online admission portal for the session 2019-2020
3706-08-2019Verification notice
3901-08-2019Notice for recruitment of Temporary Librarian
4001-08-2019Qutation notice
4122-07-2019Admission notice for 2nd phase Applicants
4212-07-2019Distribution of Mark Sheets of M.A.Part-II of different subjects under DDE,RBU
4322-07-2019Extension of Admission Date under DDE, RBU
4419-07-2019Re-opened online form fill up for M.A. Semester-I Examination -2018 under DDE, RBU.
4515-07-2019Reopen Online admission portal for B.A Honours and Program course for the session 2019-2020
4711-07-2019M.A.Semester-III Session 2017-18 ( DDE, RBU) online mode will start from 11/07/19 to 21/07/19
4812-07-2019Extension dates for submission of examination forms for M.A. Semester-I, Examination -2018.
4903-07-2019Admission schedule of B.A Honours course 2nd phase
5003-07-2019M.A. Semester-I , Examination-2018, Form Fill up under DDE, RBU.
5128-06-2019Schedule for M.A. 1st Semester Examination-2018 under DDE, RBU
5226-06-2019e-Tender Notice (2nd Call)
5321-06-2019Notice for Extension of application date for Admission in B.A Program (General) Course for the session 2019-2020
5415-06-2019Schedule for publishing of Merit list and admission for the session 2019-2020 in different courses.
5513-06-2019Collection of Admit Cards for M.A 2nd Semester Examination-2018, under DDE,RBU
5613-06-2019Notice for Correction ,if any ,in the Provisional Merit Lists
5707-06-2019Constructions of Class rooms & toilet block of the college
5830-05-2019Online admission for M.A. candidates (2017-18) ineligible for non-completion of I.A. under DDE,RBU
5925-05-2019Inportant information regarding online admission,Session- 2019-20
6001-01-2010Schedule for M.A. 2nd Semester Examination-2018, under DDE, RBU.
6130-05-2019Notification regarding online admission to 1st Semester 2019-20
6201-01-2010Covering page for SRS/Internal Assessment (Assignment) of DDE,RBU Distance Education#
6326-04-2019Last date of submission of assignment for M.A Part-I (2018-2019) under DDE,RBU.
6426-04-2019DDE,RBU Notice & Information
6526-04-2019DDE,RBU Notice & Information
6626-04-2019DDE,RBU Notice & Information
6713-04-2019Notice for postponed M.A Part-I PCP Classes under DDE,RBU,MPM Study Centre on 21/04/2019.
6820-03-2019PCP Classes scedule for M.A Part-I (Semester & Annual Mode,Session- 2018-2019) under RBU(DDE)
6920-03-2019Submit Migration Certificate in Original by 07/04/2019
7020-03-2019Project evaluation & Viva voce examination
7108-03-2019Quotation notice for CCTV camera and related equipments
7207-03-2019Walk-in-interview for Lady attendant and Electrician cum caretaker
7307-03-2000APPLICATION FORM FOR Guard/Library Peon/Lady attendant/ Electrician cum caretaker
7402-02-2019Recruitment Re-scheduled Notice for Different posts
7513-01-2019PCP Classes For M.A Part-I (2nd Semester,Session 2017-2018) students of Bengali,English & Sanskrit
7611-01-2019Interview postponed notice for the post of Guard, Library Peon, Lady Attendant and Electrician cum Caretaker
7711-01-2019Notice for Environmental Studies M.A Part-II 2018 students of RBU DDE under Munshi Premchand Mahavidyalaya
7827-12-2018Eligibility and other Details for Applying Non-Teaching Post
7927-12-2018Application proforma for Non-Teaching Posts
8027-12-2018Walk-in-Interview for Non-Teaching Posts
8119-12-2018Admit card issue of M.A Part-I & Part-II
8204-12-2018Study Material Distribution of MA PART-I 2nd Semester(Session 2017-2018) and MA PART-I (Session 2018-2019)
8305-12-2018TENDER NOTICE
8413-10-2018RBU Collect and submission of Assignment MA Part-I for the session 2017-2018
8513-10-2018RBU Admission form submission for the session 2018-2019
8612-10-2018Registration no of BA Geography Honours Programe course for the session 2018-2019
8712-10-2018Registration no of BA Political Science Honours Programe course for the session 2018-2019
8812-10-2018Registration no of BA History Honours Programe course for the session 2018-2019
8912-10-2018Registration no of BA English Honours Programe course for the session 2018-2019
9012-10-2018Registration no of BA Education Honours Programe course for the session 2018-2019


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